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What is InstallIQ

InstallIQ is an installation manager that will help you through the download and installation process, making it as easy as possible for you to get the product you are looking for. Don’t worry! When using InstallIQ, you can be assured that your download is completely safe. And because we want you to have control over what you are downloading, we have made sure that InstallIQ follows these three principles:

  • Choice – choose the software you value
  • Consent – additional software is only installed with your consent
  • Control – you have the control to accept, decline, or exit at any time

Every product that is run through the InstallIQ manager is free. But, in order to make this happen, InstallIQ shows you advertisements during the installation process. Your support of these advertisements, which are all safe and free to download, helps poor, but brilliant, app developers make money from their free and awesome software.

How does InstallIQ work?
InstallIQ Process

InstallIQ is completely safe to use. Although, if you don’t believe us, you should know that every product and advertised software that you see during the process is run through an extensive Quality Assurance (“QA”) process before they are ever shown to you. And if that’s not enough, continued QA checks are run the entire time that any product or advertised software is live in our network. Part of these QA processes are to check every app with a plethora of the most up-to-date security software, such as Symantec, Norton, McAfee, and more, because we hate nasty software that messes up your computer just as much as you do.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is InstallIQ?
InstallIQ is an installation manager that will assist you, from start to finish, through the download process.
Why should I use InstallIQ?
By using InstallIQ, you are ensuring that your download is completely safe and free from any viruses, with the added benefit of more free software that you can choose to install.  InstallIQ will do all of the installation work for you so that you do not have to figure out how to download the application that you want.
Why do I see advertisements when I am installing software?
To keep the product that you came in for free, we show advertisements during the installation process. These advertisements are free to download and completely optional for you.
Is the software and all of the advertisements free?
Yes. The software you came to install is free. The additional advertisements offered through InstallIQ are  free to download although some applications may be trial-versions, that will require a purchase to use the full-version of the software.
What happens if I accept an advertisement?
When you accept an advertisement, it is added to your download and will be available to use once the installation is finished.
Can I install the software I chose without installing any of the advertisements?
Absolutely!  All of the advertisements that you see are completely optional.
How do I decline an advertisement?
You can choose not to install any of the advertisements by clicking on the “Decline” button at the bottom of the installer screen. This will then take you to the next step in the process.
Are all the advertisements I see in InstallIQ safe to install?
Yes. We run all of our advertisers through an extensive Quality Assurance (“QA”) process before they can even be offered to users.  We also make sure to continue doing QA checks on advertisers the entire time that they are live in our network. Our goal is to only offer safe applications that will not harm your computer.
Does InstallIQ collect any personal information?
No, InstallIQ does not collect any personal information during the installation process. InstallIQ may, however, include some advertisements that ask for personal information after the installation is complete. Providing this information is completely optional, but it may be required to use the downloaded application. Collection of personal information by an advertisement is controlled by the advertisement provider and you should read their privacy policy before providing information.
How do I report a problem with the product I have installed or with InstallIQ?
If you run into any issues with the product you are installing or with the installer itself, please click here or click on the Contact Us link found at the top of this page. Our Customer Service Team will contact the appropriate team members to address the issue with the product.
Does InstallIQ install malware or scareware?
InstallIQ does not install any malware or scareware. We run all of our software through an extensive QA process before being offered to users.  We also continue doing QA checks on software the entire time that they are live in our network. Our goal is to only offer safe applications that will not harm your computer.
How do I uninstall software I have installed through InstallIQ?
Any of the software you have installed can easily be uninstalled. If the software you installed is an application, click here to learn how to uninstall. If you have installed a browser add-on, click here. If you want to reset your start page or default search, click here to learn how.
If you have installed Uninstall Helper you can quickly view and uninstall any software you are no longer interested in. You can access Uninstall Helper by going to the start menu and selecting Uninstall Helper. In the Installed Software tab you will see all the software you have installed through InstallIQ and simply click the Uninstall link to remove the software.
What is Uninstall Helper?
Uninstall Helper allows you to easily view the software you have installed and uninstall any software you are no longer interested in. Learn More.
What is the contact information if I have any further questions regarding InstallIQ?
You can contact our Customer Service Team by filling out the form on the Contact Us page or by mail using the address below.
Postal Service:
Attention: InstallX
1900 Medical Arts Ave. S.
Sartell, MN 56377

Privacy and Trust

An installer that can be Trusted

We want you to be informed of our privacy practices. The following applies to our websites, and products, and covers how we collect and use the information we receive. This is only a summary, for more information, please read our complete Privacy Policy.

Information We Collect    Additional details

  • We collect information you choose to submit, for example, when you download one of our products, subscribe to our online services, or participate in a survey or contest.
  • We may obtain additional information about you, such as updated address, demographic or lifestyle information, from other sources.
  • We use common Internet technologies, such as cookies, on our Web sites and in our e-mails.

Uses of information    Additional details

  • We use the information you submit to provide our services including the presentation of personalized content.
  • We use your information to inform you of other products or services offered by us and our partners.
  • We may share information about you with vendors we have hired to provide services on our behalf.
  • We may share information about you with our partners and companies that provide online content, if those companies host that content.
  • We may share your name and postal address with our subsidiaries and selected other companies for mail offers of their products and services, if you consent.

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